Москва, ул. Юннатов, 18

FILV & EDMOFO - Clandestina
FILV & EDMOFO - Clandestina
FILV & EDMOFO - Clandestina
The girl is illegal, lives in a strange big city, she has a small room in which there is a stove, washing machine, etc.
She often is sad and recalls her home. She takes a very long time to get to work, where she works as a cleaner. She is paid very little money. She dreams of a wonderful future looking in the windows of shops. He goes to the Museum of Oceanology. She is very lonely, her clothes are modest. But she is beautiful.
When buying food, she carefully calculates every penny to buy something tasty.
The area in which she lives is quite dangerous, there may be hassles of hooligans.
It looks like a ghetto.
One evening, she tries to make up herself, she does not succeed.
Final, Morning the master of the house bursts into her room and drives her out into the street.
She stays outside. With an old suitcase of his things.